Brief article on SCHOOLWIKI

SchoolWiki was introduced by IT@School Project in 2009 as a comprehensive database of schools in the State to foster a culture of collaborative learning among students. On Nov 1st 2016, on the Kerala Piravi day (Formation day of Kerala State), the project revived SchoolWiki by collaborating 15,000 schools in the State from Class 1 to 12. SchoolWiki, which is in line with Wikipedia, has been made completely in Malayalam and features a unique content collection jointly undertaken the students, teachers, alumni, and public.

Home page of School Wiki

SchoolWiki currently features the details of entire schools in the State which can be sorted in multiple ways. The unique portal currently possesses over 30,997 articles and has over 13,000 users. By logging into SchoolWiki, schools are able to key-in and update all their basic elementary details, historical references, infrastructure data, renowned Alumni, School websites, School Map, Blogs, various clubs and forums, Class Magazines, supporting images and videos. .SchoolWiki also host various educational contents prepared by the students as well as teaching materials collaboratively developed by the teacher communities. Apart from these contents, analytical Malayalam language projects such as “School Patram – [School Newsletter]”, “Nadodi Vijnanakoshan – [Local Encylcopedia] ” and “Ente Nadu- [My Village]” would also feature in the portal. The geographical details of every school locality in the State can be made available through School Wiki.

Schoolwiki has been prepared using Wikimedia Foundation’s Wikemedia software with the goal of facilitating Collaborative content development and their sharing. The revived portal provides a host of new features including special privileges for District Admin, facility to merge old username to a new user, search articles alphabetically, facility to display pictures in Wikicomments directly in SchoolWiki, Wiki Editor, School Mapping using of Open Street Map, facility to search in Malayalam and English languages. In addition to these, the new School Wiki also has specific extensions such as prettyURL, Upload Wizard, Editcounts, Checkuser, Gadgets and Thanks. SchoolWiki has been designed in such a way that schools can register into the portal using their school codes and upload their contents in their respective space provided under their district.

Kizhisseri sub district in Malappuram District in the State becomes the 1st sub district to incorporate details of all their schools in SchoolWikiജി.എം.യു.പി.എസ്._കിഴിശ്ശേരി

IT@School Project has provided high speed broadband internet connectivity to all schools in the State, using which schools are able to upload their details in SchoolWiki. A group of students has been identified in each school who are titled Student School IT Co-ordinator (SSITC) who with the help of School IT Co-ordinator (SITC)- a designated teacher assigned in each school for overseeing the IT activities, ensure the updations of their contents in SchoolWiki.

As part of the recent initiative of IT@School Project viz ‘Hi School Kuttikootam’ to boost the activities and interests of students in ICT enabled learning, students who are IT Clubs members would be given specific training in selected areas viz Animation and Multimedia, Hardware, Electronics, Language computing and Internet and Cyber Safety. Under language computing, specific training in SchoolWiki would be given to students. Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, a free software community and non-profit charitable society working on Malayalam language would provide support for the training in SchoolWiki.

IT@School Project has made arrangements for specific training for teachers and students for using SchoolWiki and to identify and assign district level Admins for data accuracy and modifications and to provide necessary support. Awards would also be given to those schools that make use of and maintain SchoolWiki in the most effective manner. With Schoolwiki, IT@School provides a unique opportunity to the school students and teachers to unveil the combined effort of knowledge generation and sharing. Schoolwiki would turn out to be the largest and most comprehensive Malayalam educational database over the internet.

Recent news on SchoolWiki


K. Anvar Sadath
Executive Director
IT@School Project


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